Creating podcasts: Tools and advice

Podcasts are easy to create, and some of the best tools for creating them are free. Here are some of the resources I recommend.

For recording on mobile devices


audioboom logoAn easy-to-use mobile app for devices running Android, iOS, Windows and other operating systems. The app and an AudioBoo account are free. This combination allows you to record in segments of up to three minutes. You upload the recordings directly to your AudioBoo account and link them to other platforms. You can also download them using iTunes.

Audio editing


A powerful program for recording and editing audio. It’s not complicated, but it will take some time to learn. Audacity allows you to import audio or record your own, and gives you multiple tracks to help keep tabs on the various pieces of audio. It’s a free download for Windows and Mac.


Here’s an excellent tutorial from Wesley Fryer on using Audacity to create a podcast.


Royalty-free music

Background music can help your podcasts sound more professional. It can also help you create a standard format, giving your audience audio cues for the beginning and end, as well as transitions. Here are some sites for finding royalty-free music. As always, read the restrictions on each file.

Free Music Archive


Sound effects

Too many sound effects in a podcast can be distracting, but they can also help keep your audience’s attention.





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