Narrable: A new service for creating audio slideshows


A new website called Narrable offers some interesting possibilities for storytelling. Narrable is an online service that allows you to load photographs into a horizontal slider and then add voice narration to each photo. Viewers can scroll through the photos alone, or they can play the entire presentation and let the audio begin automatically as Narrable moves from photo to photo.


The Narrable interface for adding photos and creating a project.

I spent some time working with the Narrable interface and exploring projects on the site. I like what I see. The interface is clean and easy to use. You can upload photos from your computer or from Facebook and then add audio by recording from your computer or uploading an audio file. You can also enter a phone number and have Narrable call you so you can narrate over your phone.  Projects can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. They can also be emailed or embedded. Narrable also has an iPhone app that allows you to create projects or add to existing ones.

I found a couple of weaknesses in Narrable. First, photos stay within the Narrable frame. That’s fine most of the time, but I found myself wanting to enlarge small photos so I could see more detail. I couldn’t. Narrable also lacks the ability to add captions to photos. You create a title of up to 50 characters, but that’s it.

The service is free for up to five projects, and the company will give you an additional free project for each one you share on Facebook. For $5 a month, you can get an unlimited number of projects. For $25, you can open a project to a group so that several people can add material.

There are many web services for creating slideshows and timelines, but Narrable seems to have found a useful niche. As I said, I like what I see. See what you think about it.


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Doug Ward is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Kansas.
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  1. Doug – great observations about Narrable. Thanks for the write up. I wanted to follow up on the improvements you mentioned for the site. We totally agree about zooming photos and adding captions. We have both of these features in our roadmap and plan on implementing in the future. Thanks again,

    Founder and Chief Storyteller