Tech finds of the week: Tools for tweets, apps, graphics, curation

Social media / productivity


Allows an unlimited number of people to tweet from the same account. I haven’t tried this, but I like what I see. The service seems to solve a problem that many organizations have: how to allow access to a Twitter account to more than one person. GroupTweet allows group members to tweet from computers or mobile devices, though the mobile tweeting will take some set-up. There’s no app – yet, the company says. A premium account intended for businesses allows message moderation and a custom template. Via Paratus Communications.


Mobile sites / apps


This website allows you to assemble information about an event in a mobile-friendly format. Twoppy calls the creation an app, but you don’t truly create an app. Rather, you load information onto the Twoppy website, which users then access through Twoppy’s mobile app. The app is a free download for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian. A basic plan for creating an event is also free and allows you to include such things as program information, bios and event maps. (Paid accounts have more options.) Creating an event will take some time, but the site has a good video tutorial. Once you’ve loaded all the information, you get a URL for accessing the site, and a downloadable QR code. Twoppy also has options for promoting your app information through Twitter or Facebook. Via ScoutReport.


Online tools / printing

Print What You Like

A site that allows you to choose which parts of a web page you want to print. You load a URL into the site, which then isolates the components of the web page. Using Print What You Like’s tools, you then delete elements you don’t want to print, from pictures to blocks of text to individual sentences. It was created by two developers in Des Moines, Iowa. Via Life’s Early Adapter.


Charts and graphs


A site for creating infographics and visual presentations. You choose a pre-designed theme and build your information into it. The site uses drag and drop shapes and graphics, and allows you to create color schemes and change typefaces. Presentations can be exported as HTML or in a static form. A basic account (with three themes) is free. Paid accounts provide additional tools and functions, and cost $9.95 a month or $400 a month (for brands and agencies).


Curation / social media


Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers describes Chill as “like Pinterest for videos.” You create an account by signing in through Facebook, put a Chill button on your browser and start collecting interesting video. Chill allows you to curate video from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and VEVO. It also supports live-streamed events through other sources. It has social functions that allow you to follow others, re-post video from someone else’s Chill account, and find friends. You can also post comments with words or emoticons.


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