The banana phone gets a gloved makeover

glove-phoneI thought this was a joke when I saw it on Daily Steals.

Alas, it’s real.

This glove is wired, with a microphone in the pinkie and a speaker in the thumb. Just pair the glove with the Bluetooth on your phone and – ring, ring – you can walk around town looking like a dork. The description doesn’t say anything about what happens if you try to make snowballs.

Not since Raffi’s banana phone has anyone created something so wholly impractical. Raffi, at least, had lyrics and melody. And, of course, he wasn’t actually trying to get anyone to buy a banana phone. He just wanted to amuse children with the absurdity of the idea.

Before that, there was Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone. What it lacked in practicality it made up for in slapstick humor.

But the glove phone?

I have no answer for that.


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Doug Ward is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Kansas.
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